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I started writing these haiku as an exercise to sharpen my brain. I soon found out writing these little three line poems is really fun!

Technically, most of the poems here aren't haiku, as traditional Japanese haiku are about nature and the seasons. The compositions here should really be called Senryu, which follow the same 5/7/5 format of haiku, but are commonly humorous and about human foibles.

But since many people are familiar with concept of haiku and nobody knows what senryu are, we'll just call all the poems on this site haiku. Beware, an actual legit haiku may sneak in occasionally.

In the haiku on this website, word syllables are counted as they are normally pronounced in English, not necessarily how they are spelled. For example, the words "every" and "chocolate" are counted as two syllables.

By the way, the plural of "haiku" is "haiku".

My goal is to write as many of these haiku as I can before I run out ideas.

I hope you have as much fun reading these as I'm having writing them!

- Adam Forrest

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