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With Jon Hamm and eggs
Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch
And Yolko Ono

Was hatching a plan
For more haiku about eggs
But they got scrambled

Never egg-spected
That eggs could be so funny
They just crack me up

Haiku about eggs
Unless I just chicken out
I don't get the yolk

Using your cellphone
To call a proctologist
Is that a butt dial?

A sliced bagel, cheese
Tomato sauce, oven baked
The pizza bagel

At Jack in the Box
Grande sausage burrito
Om nom nom nom nom

Not good for writing haiku
They mess with your head

Double Oh Seven
Promises to kill you dead
His word is his Bond!

(Guest submission, Licensed to Haiku)

Got to pay your dues
If you wanna sing the blues
It don't come easy

(Thanks to Richard Starkey)

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