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In times of trouble
Back to where it once belonged
The Let It Be film

It's not a seagull
When it flies over the bay
Then it's a bagel


2 peas in a pod
One pea says to the other
What're you in for?

The word chocolate
Has how many syllables?
Screw it, give me some

The lack of haiku
Does not indicate trouble
Just ran out of puns

Being young at heart
Means you can remember it
But you can't do it

Today's my birthday
I have ties older than you
But I'm young at heart

Double Cheeseburger
The greatest invention since
God created cows

Jolly Green Giant
Grows corn on the mountainside
Peas in the valley

It's now Mpox, says
World Health Organization
WHO are they kidding?

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